North Atlantic Dreams is our Streams training centre in Scotland, Sweden, Germany and growing! It is run by Rick and Cynthia Hayes and an excellent team of Streams trainer instructors. Rick and Cynthia are part of our Tabernacle leadership. Find our more about Streams courses  . . .

Streams Ministries exists for this purpose. To help restore the awe of God to the earth and to help people (to help you!) fulfill the purpose God created them for. We believe that every individual, church, ministry, business, and nation has a specific purpose God created them for and we exist to help them discover and fulfill that purpose by helping them recognize what God is saying and has said to them and encourage them to respond fully expecting God to do what can not been done

We do that in three ways.

Reveal God

We talk about God. How big He is, what He can do, His unlimited nature, His astounding love, His self-revelation in the coming of Jesus. We teach from the Bible about His nature and His ways. We demonstrate His love practically by serving the poor, encouraging the weak, healing the sick, prophesying to those in need of revelation, and setting free those who are oppressed.

Awaken Dreams

We train people how to remember and understand their dreams. Dream interpretation is a core facet of our ministry, but it is not just the dreams that speak. We also help people awaken to the dream God had about them before the world began (Ephesians 1:3–6; 2:10). That cry for significance and purpose that haunts every person until they fully submit to God’s plan for their lives.

Change Lives

As people encounter God, learn how to respond to Him, and are brought into experiences with His true nature everything changes. When we recognize how involved He really is in our lives and the world around us we start seeing Him everywhere. When we experience the depth of His love for us we come alive—chains fall off, weakness becomes opportunity for His strength, and faith becomes normal.